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Wells Hollow Creamery
Call Ahead

We offer Call Ahead convenience
Minimum order of $15, plus 6.35% tax.  All prices listed are before tax.
Our staff works diligently to prepare your order, we ask that you include a gratuity for their assistance in making your event a tasty one.

Choose your favorite flavor(s), size, and choice of toppings or choose one of our specials
Premium "Sweet 16" Premium Ice Cream Flavors (add $.75 per scoop)

Baklava | Banana Nut | Cannoli Ricotta | Chocolate Cannoli | Cookie Monster | Rum Raisin | Rocky Road |
White Chip Chocolate

Hard Ice Cream Flavors
Amaretto Cherry | Apple Pie | Banana Pudding | Black Cherry | Black Raspberry | Blueberry | Butter Pecan |  Campfire S’m ores | Chocolate | Chocoholic | Chocolate Chip | Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup | Coconut | Coffee | Coffee Oreo | Cookie Dough Cotton Candy | Dark Cashew Caramel | Eskimo Kisses | Key Lime Pie Lemon Bar Cheesecake | Majestic Milky Way | Maple Walnut | Mint Chocolate Chip | Moose Tracks Oreo | Peach Pistachio Almond | Play Dough | Rainbow Vanilla | Rainbow Sherbet | Strawberry | Strawberry Cheesecake | Tennessee Toffee | Ultimate Peanut Butter Brownie | Vanilla
Soft Serve Ice Cream Flavors++ 
Vanilla | Chocolate | Vanilla/Chocolate Twist
Real Fruit SMOOOthies
Very Berry | Pineapple Mango | Strawberry Banana
Frozen Yogurt
Black Raspberry Chip | Blueberry Oat Crumble | Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup
Sorbet, Sherbet & Italian Ice
Rainbow Sherbet | Raspberry Sorbet | Strawberry |
Italian Ice: Cherry | Lemon | 
Mango | Strawberry | Watermelon
Click Here for full description of flavors
Cup Size Hard Ice Cream Soft Serve
Small, 1 scoop, 6 oz. $3.75 $2.99
Medium, 2 scoop, 8 oz. $4.75 $3.49
Large, 3 scoop, 12 oz. $5.75 $3.99
Sundaes  Hard Ice Cream  Soft Serve 
Regular, 2 scoops $5.25 $3.95
Large, 3 scoops $6.25 $4.65
Large Brownie Sundae, 3 scoops $6.79 $5.65
Banana Split
One whole banana, One scoop of each Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry ice cream, pineapple topping, strawberry topping, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, nuts and topped with a cherry!


Milk Shakes  Hard Ice Cream  Soft Serve
Vanilla | Chocolate | Strawberry
or for an additional $1.00, choose any
flavor on the menu
One Size
Made with whole milk and ice cream
$5.25 $4.50


Real Fruit SMOOOthies
Very Berry | Pineapple Mango | Strawberry Banana $6.00


Floats   Hard Ice Cream Soft Serve
Soda:  Cherry Cola, Coca-Cola, Fanta Orange,
Root Beer, Sprite
One Size
Made with your choice of soft serve ice cream
and 1-topping to mix-in
$5.25 $4.25


Flurries   Hard Ice Cream Soft Serve
One Size
Made with your choice of soft serve ice cream and
1-topping to mix-in.
Specials -- Ask about our weekly specials  
Strawberry Banana Smoothie:  made with strawberry puree, a banana, and ice.  
Very Berry Sundae:  Vanilla soft serve ice cream with mixed berry topping $2.99


Take some home   Hard Ice Cream Soft Serve
Pints Hand packed ice cream available to enjoy at home! $6.25   
Quarts $8.21  


 Now put the finishing touches on your personalized frozen masterpiece!
Toppings $.50 cents each
Special Sauces
Butterscotch | Blueberry | Caramel | Chocolate Sauce | Hot Fudge | Marshmallow |
Peanut Butter Sauce | Strawberry | Very Berry
Fruit & Crumble Toppings

Brownie pieces
Cake cone
Cake crunch
Chocolate chips
Chocolate sprinkles
Cookie dough

Gummy bears
Health bar
Mini M&M's
Oreo pieces
Peanut butter cups
Rainbow sprinkles

Reese's pieces
Sugar cone
Toasted Almond Crunch
Waffle cone
Whipped cream 

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